Dear users:
SmartTeam provides services according to this Agreement, you must fully agree to all of the following terms and conditions and provide your personal information to ensure a better service by SmartTeam. Your use of the Services will be deemed acceptance of this Agreement and you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.
Users must legally use the cloud network services, not for illegal purposes, and consciously maintain the reputation of the Company and its applications, to comply with all the use of cloud network services, network protocols, regulations, procedures and practices.

What data does this app collect?
In order to better serve users, users should try to provide the application to provide accurate personal information, such as: gender, height, weight. We use this information to determine your personalized fitness statistics, such as calories burned and walking distance. Depending on the device you use, it can collect data such as the number of steps you have completed, your weight, your sleep quality, your heart rate monitoring data, and transfer this data to this application. If there is any change in personal data, please amend it immediately. If the user provides personal information is not real or inaccurate, resulting in the application of the output of the fitness statistics error, the user should bear and receive the resulting output, and can not use this result as a complaint of this production .
If you want to access the data collected by the device, you must create an account for this application. When you create an account, we ask you to provide some personal information, including your e-mail address or mobile phone number. Your registration source will become the application account name, you can use the account name to log in to your account. We will not show your email address or mobile number to other users. However, someone else will see the nickname or avatar you entered in your profile settings.
You can also use other credentials (Facebook, Google +, QQ, WeChat or Sina) to create this app account. We will request basic information about your account, such as your name, profile, photos, and friends list. You may also block access to this account at any time to stop sharing this information with us. We’ll access your phone’s contact list to let you know which contacts are the users of this app. We will not store your phone contact list and will delete it as soon as it is completed.
When you synchronize your device with an application, data about your activity is transferred from the device to our servers. The data is saved and used to provide this application service and is associated with your account. Each time we synchronize, we record data about the transmission. Some examples of log data include synchronization time and date, battery power for the device, and IP address used for synchronization.
This application service includes the ability to collect location-specific data, including GPS signals, device sensors, Wi-Fi access points, and base station IDs. This data is collected only when you initiate a location feature, such as recording a running route. If you disable this feature, we will stop collecting such data. We store this information in your application account. If you’re using mapping, we’ll send your location to the mapping service provider, who can show your location on the map. Under the terms of the agreement, these suppliers may not share or use this data for any other purpose.

It is the responsibility of SmartTeam to disclose, edit or disclose the contents of user’s personal data to third parties (excluding SmartTeam Holdings or Affiliates, and Operators) without the authorization of the users. However, as requested by the government, SmartTeam Policy needs and other reasons. After the user sends the information and the application receives the information, the application will comply with industry-wide standards to protect the user’s private information. But any information sent over the Internet or electronic version of the storage can not guarantee 100% security. Accordingly, this application makes every effort to use commercially acceptable means to protect the personal information of users, without guaranteeing the security of user information.
This application has the right to amend the service regulations when necessary. If the service rules of this application change, it will prompt the modification on the important page of this application. If the user does not agree with the new modification, the application shall stop using this agreement. Service, or as the user fully agree and accept the new changes. According to the objective situation and changes in business policy, the application has the right to interrupt or stop the service, the user expressed understanding and full agreement.
The interpretation of this confidentiality agreement is owned by SmartTeam.
SmartTeam Corporation
December 2016